The Bear Game (Pre-Order)

**Please note that this is a pre-order item. Games are being manufactered and will be distributed to customers around July**


Probably the best game ever made. The Bear Game is a comedically styled card game inspired by Battle Royales, Russian Roulette, and our other favorite party games. The Bear Game features over 54 cute bears, cards, and unique storylines. It’s got bears that attack, bears that defend, and bears that kill you. It's got it all really.


Players must be the first to obtain 12 cards or outlast their opponents, all while avoiding the destructive Evil Bears. Cards are strategically used to attack other players, change the game’s setting, or play whimsical moves like shielding friends and accusing opponents of cheating! The Bear Game is unexpected, loud, and imPAWsibly entertaining.

The Bear Game (Pre-Order)

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