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About ThreeFreeTrees:

Since April 2018, ThreeFreeTrees has been creating community products out of spontaneous ideas. ThreeFreeTrees was started by Austin Lee, Calvin Bahl, and Colton Harris during their sophomore year of high school. After pursuing their first idea, comical t-shirts featuring their AP Biology teacher, they quickly discovered a passion for creating products that lift smiles on people’s faces. Soon after, they released stickers of their favorite teachers, created apparel for school clubs, and even launched a collection of school spirit gear named “Unionized Merchandise”.

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In July of 2020, Austin Lee and Colton Harris shifted their focus. As they looked to revive family game nights and create laughter during quarantine, their passion for community-oriented products led to the creation of The Bear Game, a bear-themed party game. Soon after, they recruited Steven Nguyen and Joshua Helm. The team spent the summer of quarantine working with a family artist, pitching to local game store owners, contacting manufacturers, and taking input from friends and family. In December of 2020, The Bear Game was finally released. The game was a success as families from all over the Pacific Northwest placed orders and 5 local game stores stocked their shelves with The Bear Game. Families provided glowing reviews of the game’s accessibility, the joy it brought them, and the uniqueness of the artwork and design.

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Mr. Burris Stickers

Now, ThreeFreeTrees (composed of Austin Lee, Colton Harris, Joshua Helm, Steven Nguyen, and Rishi Gorrepati) is focused on developing The Bear Game, with updated artwork, refinements to gameplay, and at a lower cost to make the game more accessible. Every dollar earned is reinvested back into the company.

Ever since that first t-shirt, ThreeFreeTrees has continued to improve with every new product, striving to bring laughter into your day while learning from past experiences and growing their ideas through authentic and friendly products.

While ThreeFreeTrees began in Vancouver WA, they aspire to reach individuals in all 50 US states and across the globe. This student-led organization is dedicated to producing products that unite communities. They wish to inspire other youth and see a generation where creativity is abundant and aspirations are achieved. They hope you’ll join them on this adventure and play a part in achieving their vision, thank you so much :)

ThreeFreeTrees’s vision is to “See a generation where creativity is abundant and everyone strives to achieve their ideas.”

ThreeFreeTrees’s mission is to “Lead by example as we learn from our experiences and grow our spontaneous ideas through authentic and friendly products.”

ThreeFreeTrees’s purpose is to “Inspire youth to create and chase their aspirations.”

ThreeFreeTrees values:
- Teamwork
- Fulfillment
- Thoroughness

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For journalists, retailers, and organizations interested in learning more or working with us, please reach out to Austin Lee at

For sales and customer questions/concerns, please contact Rishi Gorrepati at

Any other inquires can be directed to

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